Specifications :: Software



The software will be based upon Debian packaging system and will use the Gnome 2.0 environment. The environment will be consistent as possible (all GNOME applications). The reason for the use of Gnome 2.0. It is the most widely supported Linux desktop environment in the industry. Gnome 2.0 offers powerful libraries which enable it to be used easily by those who are disabled. Gnome 2.0 also offers powerful language display routines enabling it to display almost any language in the world (and many of the applications have been translated to other languages. This feature might be of use to high school foreign language classes).

The reason for the use of the Debian distribution is that is devoted to the Free Software ideals and is not controlled by a single entity. Effectively rendering it immune to the shifts in economic climates. The system is also well designed and tested and has one of the most sophisticated dependency resolution systems in existence (the system can be upgrade while using the same applications it is updating without a glitch).